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Uniform Rules of Trading
Uniform Rules of Trading is an agreement between the Exchange and it’s participants and governs all trades on the Exchange. A key provision in this agreement is At Will Trading™ which provides a practical remedy to many business issues and greatly simplifies the agreement.

The Uniform Rules of Trading enables all buyers and sellers to have immediate trading access with each other...

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The Market for New Car and Auto Finance Leads
Detroit Trading Exchange™ is the world's largest Automotive Lead Exchange, with more than 300,000 automotive leads traded each month. The Exchange eliminates the impediments to lead trading and provides a robust, open and efficient market for lead buyers and sellers to do business with each other

Since its debut in November 2006, over 300 automotive lead buyers and sellers have joined the Exchange. Only on Detroit Trading Exchange can lead buyers and sellers access such a breadth of industry-leading automotive lead partners through a single legal and technical connection.

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