Sell Leads

  • Would you like access to the largest network of lead buyers?
  • Would you like the convenience of signing a single agreement to gain access to this network of buyers?
  • Would you like to avail yourself of true market pricing for your leads?
Detroit Trading Exchange allows you all this and more:
  • Easily approve buyers that meet your standards through one central platform.
  • DTX will also invoice lead buyers on your behalf, collect and disburse funds to you.
  • Only one technical integration point to connect to the network of buyers.
Unparalleled coverage. Market pricing. Single point connection.
3 simple steps to start selling:
  1. Call us at 248.352.1313 or e-mail us to get your login information and accept the Uniform Rules of Trading using the online form.
  2. Choose and complete one of the technical integration options.
  3. Select the sellers you wish to buy leads.

If you are already a DTX participant please log in.