Uniform Rules Of Trading

A standard set of rules. Practical business remedies. Access to the deepest market.

The Uniform Rules of Trading, pioneered by Detroit Trading Company, saves participants the trouble of maintaining and complying with dozens of private trading agreements. Crafted with the input of the most innovative Internet lead companies and financial institutions, the URT addresses the most common concerns of both the buyers and the sellers; there are hundreds who have already signed off on the URT.

After approving the URT just once, you will gain instant trading access to all of the participants. You can choose which of these participants you want to do business with or not do business with by providing or revoking your consent.

To get started, call us at 248.352.1313 or e-mail us to get your login information. You may also want to review how to sell leads or buy leads through the Detroit Trading Exchange.

If you are already a DTX Participant, please log in to view the current version of the URT. You can also view the document’s history of changes after you log in.